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Time to Store Outdoor Furniture

With the leaves turning and the weather getting cooler in most of the country that means outdoor time is at a premium. If you have a lot of outdoor furniture you might have a hard time storing all of it. You don’t want to leave it on your deck over the winter, but it does need to go somewhere. That is why many homeowners elect to store their outdoor furniture in a secure self-storage unit. 

It is not as simple as renting a unit and throwing your stuff in one though. There are certain preparatory steps you should take first.

Give Your Cushions a Good Wash

If you put away wet cushions it can lead to mildew. If you give them a good wash it will kill any mold and mildew that is developing. Be sure to also dust and vacuum them before putting them in the washing machine. Many covers are removable and can be washed in a regular washing machine, but if not, you can scrub them by hand. 

Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Several type of outdoor furniture are made of different materials, so it means that you need to clean them properly. Metal and plastic can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Glass furniture needs glass cleaner. Wicker furniture can be tricky, but a water and bleach solution that is rinsed with water does wonders. Just be wary of using pressure washers. Sometimes those can cause more damage than anything. 

Allow Time to Dry

It is critically important to let all furniture dry before storing. If it is put away mold and mildew can grow, ruining the furniture. Also, do not completely drench wood and wicker furniture, as those materials can absorb a lot of water. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Do you have a table that is not sitting right or a chair with a bent leg? Now is the time to make any repairs that are needed. It is also a good time for a fresh coat of paint or stain. This way when you bring it back out in the spring it will look good as new. 

Cover Your Furniture

By stacking your furniture properly you’ll save space and time when it comes to unpack everything. Also, be sure to cover everything with a tarp or blanket so dust and moisture does not affect things. 

These are just a few ways to prepare your winter furniture for storage. Before you know it spring will be here again and it will be time to break everything out. 

Storage unit clean

Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean

Storage units are great for taking care of both clutter and other items you don’t have room for in your home. Unfortunately, once they are in the unit they are just sitting there. The scourge that is dust and dirt takes its toll over time. Dust can ruin items and be a health hazard when said items return to your home. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your items while they are in storage. 

Store Items in Plastic Boxes

Plastic storage is a great way to avoid dust contamination whenever possible. Dust can find its way through cracks in cardboard and if the unit is humid cardboard can fail over time. Plastic bins are a great and cost-effective solution, however. They offer durable protection that resists moisture and keeps dust out. Also, what is easier to clean: dust off of a plastic tub or each individual item inside? Durable plastic tubs can also be stacked on top of each other to conserve space. 

If you have linens or clothing items vacuum sealed bags are a great storage option. They also keep out dust and moisture and they make clothes easier to pack in boxes or plastic bins. They are also easier to stack on shelves, which is another item you should consider having in your unit. 

Keep Cleaning Supplies in Your Unit

Rather than tracking supplies back and forth from home be sure to keep plenty of cleaning supplies in your unit. By doing so you can do a quick cleanup each time you visit and this cuts down on what you have to do when you bring your items home. It also helps keep down the amount of dust and dirt you’re bringing home, too. 

Use Cloth Tarps or Covers

Using a large cloth tarp can keep the dust off of even plastic bins stacked together. A cloth tarp is best because it offers a soft surface that will not scratch your items. They can also be used to cover large items that can’t fit into storage bins. They offer protection when moving items in and out of the unit too. 

Whatever you choose to do in order to protect your items, the important thing to remember is that a little work and preparation in advance can save a lot of time and hassle later. By cleaning your unit regularly and covering items they will be ready to go when you bring them home.


Sound and Lightproofing Your Apartment Bedroom

Sleep is glorious and grand. Everyone feels better after a great night of sleep, but there are tons of distractions that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom needs to be a quiet, peaceful place that promotes rest, but that can sometimes be difficult in an apartment. Creating a bedroom that muffles sound and blocks out light can be difficult, but here are some things you can try that will help you find a restful haven. 

Soundproofing with Rugs and Upholstery

Rugs, specifically with a good rug pad, and upholstery can help muffle sounds in your room from both outside and inside. A good rug pad under even the most ordinary of rugs not only makes the rug more plush, it also is a great sound barrier. If you have wall-to-wall carpet that is the best way to muffle sounds, but that is not an option in every apartment. A good, thick rug pad will absorb sound and make your room more comfortable. 

You don’t have to stop at rugs, however. Upholstered furniture and headboards also are great for absorbing ambient noise. The more soft surfaces you can add to the room the better. Consider adding a quilt or blanket that you can hang on the wall to help deaden sounds. This method works best on walls that are shared with another apartment next to you. 

Blocking out Excess Light

Of course, extraneous sound is not the only thing you need to block out. Light from parking lots or other sources outside can also be a hindrance to sleep. That is why blackout curtains can be a great addition. Blackout curtains are made of a heavier fabric like wool, flannel, or velvet. These types of thicker curtains not only block out light, they also act as a sound absorber. Sometimes you can even find blackout liners that can be added to existing curtains. 

You should also check the seals around your windows for light and sound gaps. Insulated foam strips can be purchased from a hardware store and used to fill any large gaps. This not only blocks out light, but sound through the gaps. They can even help in the winter to keep drafts out as well. 

These are just a few ways that you can make sure the bedroom in your new apartment is a restful space for a good night’s sleep. 

used furniture

Save Money with Used Furniture for Your Apartment

When getting your first apartment one of the first things you need to get is furniture. If you’re just starting out, however, there is a good chance that you are operating on a budget. As you get used to having new bills and rent you may not have a lot of disposable income for furniture and decorations. A great way to save some money is to buy used furniture for your apartment. While it may not be brand new, you can find some great used items that will be both durable and comfortable for your needs. Here are some of the best things to buy used. 

Bed Frame – Sure, you can just put a mattress on the floor and sleep on it, but why not get a bed frame? This will allow you to get your mattress off the floor and it can even provide for some extra storage space under the bed. You can get a used bed frame that is both durable and adjustable for the size of your bed for less than $50. An Adjustable bed frame can also be handy for when you get a larger mattress. It will let you size up to something bigger. 

Exercise Equipment – Many apartments have exercise rooms and equipment that can be used as part of the community, but having your own equipment is an option if your apartment doesn’t offer this. The value of a treadmill or exercise bike drops significantly once you bring it home. You can go to a resale store and get them for a fraction of the price. Garage sales are also a great place to find used exercise equipment. You should almost always buy used exercise equipment if you are buying your own. 

Tables – When buying used furniture tables are a great place to start. You should avoid buying anything with upholstery to avoid any possible allergens, but kitchen tables and coffee tables can be found for a pittance at resale shops. Garage and yard sales are also a great place. If you’re allergic to pets though you probably want to pass on a couch. You don’t know if someone had a cat or a dog you might be allergic to. 

What to Buy New

Cookware and Small Appliances – Something like a new coffee maker can cost as little as $25 and will be up to date. It will even be under a brief manufacturer’s warranty in case it breaks down. Most small appliances are inexpensive. When it comes to cookware cleanliness is an issue. This can lead to food allergies and more. 

Bedding – You should definitely spend the extra money on a new mattress. People shed skin cells when they sleep, making any used bedding unsanitary. With a new mattress you know that you’ll be sleeping on something clean and fresh, giving you peace of mind. 

self storage lock

Finding the Best Lock for Self-Storage

Keeping your property secure is the number one concern of anyone who rents a self-storage unit. These are places off of your own property that rely on others to stay fully secure. This is why many storage vendors sell premium locks that will both stand up to the elements and keep your unit secure. Most of the time these locks are heavy-duty locks that function with a key, but padlocks can also be used. To learn which type of lock is good for your unit consider the following:

Shackle Padlocks

These traditional locks have a base locking unit with a rounded shackle that passes through an eyelet on handle to secure the door. Since the shackle is the weakest point of the lock, the length of material, thickness, and material is important. The shackle of your padlock is an obvious point of attack for thieves wielding bolt cutters and the like. Because of that, it is important to strike the right balance between reducing the amount of exposed shackle and allowing sufficient clearance for your purpose.

A close shackle has built-in shoulders that expose only a small amount of the shackle, but this reduces the useable clearance of the lock. As far as thickness, anything over 10 millimeters of thickness for the shackle is considered high security, while anything less than 7 millimeters is low security. They can be made from materials such as plastic for light security situations all what way up to molybdenum, which is the strongest material used in padlocks. 

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are offered by many storage companies and they slide directly into a hole in the door. This tight fit eliminates the exposure of a shackle and a raised area that can be tampered with. It is often a lock flush with the door much like a conventional permanent lock. 

Smart Locks

One way that the storage industry is going is the use of smart locks. These types of locks are completely keyless and can be opened via a keypad or an access card. Some of the more sophisticated models can even use biometric fingerprint recognition or interaction with an app on your smartphone. These are a good option for self storage companies because they do not need to be replaced when a new renter takes over a unit. They can merely reprogram it for the new client. 

These are just a few of the options out there for self-storage locks, and many of them depend on the type of facility you choose. Each storage company is difference and has difference capabilities for locks. Be sure to ask for what options you have up front. 

pet friendly

Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

When you move you want to find an apartment for your entire family. This includes the furry members of your family. While some apartments will not allow pets because of liability concerns, other will welcome pets as long as you abide the guidelines. This can include an extra pet deposit fee on top of your rental deposit, an extra fee on your monthly rent, or more. Some complexes may also limit you to only a dog or a cat, so finding a place that will accept your emu could be difficult. With some advice, however, you can find a pet friendly apartment that will make everyone in your family happy. 

What Amenities to Look For

How pampered is your pet? If you’re looking for a place to live and only a place to live many apartments are happy to accept pets. Others have amenities that can be specific drawing perks to pet owners. Many newer complexes not only accept pets, they will have dog parks, in-home groomers, and more. They view the dog park as part of the community so residents can connect with other residents, and this includes the dogs. In some larger cities they may even have access to veterinarians and more. 

Know Where Your Pet Can Go

While some apartments and buildings will allow pets, they don’t mean to allow blanket access to all parts of the building. There may be other businesses within the building that are not as pet friendly. While they are fine with you having your pet in the apartment unit itself and some of the hallways it is unlikely they will be welcome in community areas or the gym. You’ll also want to check and see what pet-friendly amenities are nearby. This includes a vet, grooming, and pet supplies. 

Find the Right Apartment

Your apartment itself can be pet friendly, but some apartments work better for poets than others. For example; if you have a pet that sheds an apartment with tile or laminate floors will be easier to clean than one with carpet. Having a unit on the ground floor is easier for dog owners so they can go outside easier. 

Check Your Lease

Finally, if you have a pet in your apartment you will need to learn the terms of your lease and how they relate to your pet. Some communities will have a weight or breed restriction on dogs. Most will have a pet deposit that is separate from the regular damage deposit. You might even have to pay a small fee each month on top of your regular rent. If you follow all of these steps, however, you can find the perfect apartment for you and your pet. 

Local Move

The Cost of a Local Move

Moving is already hard, but moving across the country is even harder. If you’re moving across town that can be taken care of in a day or two depending on how much stuff you have. The cost of a local move can depend on a large number of factors. This includes transporting large items, vehicles, family, and more. Most of the time you’re going to need a moving truck, but it can be cheaper sometimes if you have a complete moving service. Fortunately, over 60% of moves in the country occur within the same county and another 21% of moves occur within the same state. 


Where you live is a major factor when it comes to determining the cost of a local move. Moving a two-bedroom apartment in Dallas costs $729 on average, but in San Francisco it is almost twice as much. That is an estimate of three movers at 6 hours each plus truck costs, and that is just locally. This is just what the market demands because some cities simply have a higher cost of living than others.  When you are moving locally the costs are generally considered to be by the hour, as well. That includes packing, carrying, loading, and more. 

What You Move

Heavier and bulkier items are going to cost more than moving boxes of clothes or kitchen utensils. It generally takes a crew of three movers about five to seven hours to move a two bedroom apartment, but if you have heavier items, excessive stairs, or a long distance to the moving truck it can take longer. You’ll also want to factor in the tip to movers. This is not required, but it is generally considered a courtesy to tip movers 10-15%. Movers generally charge $35 per hour per mover, but the local market can determine the price better. 

When You Move

Moving on the weekend is more expensive, especially with moving services, because they are in more demand. If you’re able to do most of your move during the week it can actually be cheaper because you’re avoiding peak move times. Traffic can become a factor here, however. Be sure to ask your moving service if they have different prices of weekend vs. weekday moves. 

Do What You Can Yourself

While a moving service is great, the more you can do yourself, the better. This means packing up what you can before the movers even get there so your stuff can go on the truck faster. This allows it to get to your new destination faster. If you have everything ready to go when the movers arrive that is less time you’re paying for them to pack it up. 

self storage

Choosing Between a Storage Shed and Storage Unit

Every home can use more space. Deciding between building your own storage shed and renting a storage unit can be a tricky choice for many homeowners. Each type of storage solution has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. Here is what you should consider when deciding between a storage shed and a storage unit.


The good news is that the cost of a storage shed is all up front. It can be a bigger initial investment, as it could cost a couple thousand dollars, but it depends on the length of time you will need storage. The average cost to rent a storage unit is $91.14 a month. You could store your items in a storage unit for 9 months at an average cost of $820.26. This varies by the size of the unit and the facility, but if you only need short-term storage it may be more cost-effective to rent a storage unit.


Storage units have varying levels of security in the form of cameras, gates, locks, and more. Many facilities also have managers that live on site and conduct routine security patrols. With a storage shed on your property all security is up to you. You can add locks and connect it to your home security system.


A major advantage to having a storage shed on your property is that you have access to your belongings at all times. For items like garden tools, sports equipment, and more having everything on site is great. Many storage facilities offer 24-hour access, but they are still off-site and you have to travel to access your belongings. You still have to maintain the shed, however. You have to paint it, make repairs, and such. With a storage unit, the storage company handles all this.


Part of the storage company’s responsibility is to spray for bugs and keep other pests out of its units. They often have a standing contract from pest-control companies to take care of these things, while your own storage shed leaves this as your responsibility.

After careful consideration of each of the criteria above, there are still other things to consider. Is the convenience of a climate-controlled unit something you need? What life-phase are you in? Everyone has a different opinion on what is “convenient”, so be sure to take the time to think it through. Everyone has different needs when it comes to storage, so it is important to consider all factors.

bicycle storage

Bicycle Storage in Your Apartment

bicycle storage

Nowadays apartments come with a wide range of amenities and even more space than before, but apartment living still means space is at a premium. You have to learn to economize the space that you do have. This is true for all of your stuff, including your modes of transportation. While parking is generally considered to be part of your lease in many places, if you live near the core of a city it can be an additional fee. Many apartment dwellers are choosing to go car-less and get around via bicycle. When it comes to bicycle storage, however, that can be difficult in an apartment. Here are some tips on how you can store your bike to keep it safe and secure in your apartment.

Bicycle Storage in Your Coat Closet

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of room to store a bike, which is why a coat closet can be a great option. It is easily accessible and in poor weather you’re going to need your coat anyway. Since this is likely the closest spot to the front door it makes for an easy-in/easy-out option. In the summer you can get more space for your bike by moving winter coats to your main closet, thus making it easier to get your bike in and out.

Balcony or Porch

This only works if you have the option of a porch or balcony, but it is a great place to store your bike out of the way. You don’t have to worry about moving coats or sweaters out of the way to get to it. Weather can still be a factor, but you can protect it from the elements by putting a tarp or other form of cover over it. Just make sure that you don’t block the door to your apartment, as this could be a fire hazard.


This is by far the easiest place to store it if you have the option. Some apartments do come with the option for a garage or other covered parking. If you are already paying for this, it is a great place to store your bike and keep it out of the elements. It is also a great place to perform any maintenance on it if needed. You won’t track in any dirt and it is completely out of the way from being inside your apartment.

Bike Rack

Many apartments offer on-site bike racks for their residents to use communally. There are also plenty of types of stands, racks, and hangers that your complex can offer. These are versatile structures that allow you to lock your bike up and leave it there with the peace of mind that it is safe.

Whatever storage option you choose, a bike in your apartment is both a great way to get around and a great way to get free exercise. You can find any number of innovative solutions that will not only solve your storage issues, but keep your bike safe and sound.

Holiday Party

Hosting a Holiday Party in a Smaller Apartment

Holiday Party

The holiday season is almost here. It can often be a troubling time if you are an apartment dweller. You may feel that your space is too small to host something like a family Thanksgiving or a Christmas party for a group of friends. The good news is that you can, indeed, host events like these no matter how small your apartment is. Sure, it will take a small amount of pre-party planning, but with a little work you can pull off a great party.

Make Some Space

Yes, you have a limited amount of space to work with, but an added benefit of clearing away some clutter is that you can create more room in your apartment even after the apartment. Look at it this way: you are probably wanting to clear away some clutter anyway, so why not do it to benefit hosting a great party?

You’ll want to start by moving some furniture that may be in the way of a centralized area. If you have a bunch of unnecessary items and out of place belongings this is a great time to put them back where they belong. If you’re struggling to figure out what needs to be pared down take photos of your apartment. This can help pinpoint areas where you can clear out space. Who knows, your apartment may even look BETTER when you’re done.

Make Room in Your Coat Closet

Since the holidays means cold weather it is a great time to purge coat closets. You can switch out seasonal clothing and create room for your guests. Many communities also have coat drives, so you can donate items you no longer wear. Once you have made room make sure that you have extra hangers for your guests. If their coats are out of the way in the coat closet it means you have more room for your party.

Rearrange the Furniture to Encourage Conversation

The default setting of most living rooms is around the television, but this discourages conversation. The way around this is to shake things up with your existing furniture. Ignore the TV. Places sofas and chairs facing each other. Make sure you have a coffee table or something in the middle so guests can set down their drinks or snacks. If possible, arrange all furniture in a round layout around a centralized area. This encourages guests to engage in conversation and interact with each other.

Keep Your Place Open

The kitchen and the living room are the natural hotspots for the party, but keep your entire apartment open. Leave doors open so guests can explore. Just be sure to make sure all open areas are free of clutter too. This can greatly increase the space of the apartment while still allowing for areas of one-on-one conversation.

Don’t Forget Your Dining Area

Many apartments may not have much of a dining area, but you can maximize space by using other areas. If you have a coffee table drape a tablecloth over it for a secondary eating area. Limit the décor on your tabletops so there is more room for food and plates. When it comes to table decorations a little goes a long way.

Use Every Surface

With space at a premium, flat surfaces become critically important. End tables can become drink stations if placed in high-traffic areas. A padded bench or ottoman can become functional with a serving tray on top. Bookshelves, TV consoles, and other objects with a flat surface can become handy places for people to put down their drinks.

Find Alternative Seating

Everyone likes to sit at a party, but what if you don’t have enough seating? The first way to avoid this is to know your number of guests. Try to have a seat for each guest, especially if it is a dinner party. With a more casual affair you can probably get away with having a few fewer seats than guests. To come up with enough seats you can repurpose furniture from other rooms. Desk chairs, bed benches, and even patio furniture are great for this. Even stepladders can be used in a pinch.

The key to hosting a great holiday party in a small apartment is to be creative. With a little work you can pull off an event that your guests are sure to love.