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Alternative Pets for Apartment Living

Alternative Pets

If you’re a dog lover, it might be hard living in an apartment. If you live in an apartment where the landlord doesn’t allow dogs it can be frustrating to not have a furry companion. There are alternatives, however. There are many types of pets that can be quite apartment friendly and companions for you to bond with.


While they may not be particularly cuddly, fish are a great companion that leaves no mess in your unit. They are quiet, so they don’t bother your neighbors and they don’t take up a lot of space. They are also pretty easy to care for. As long as you follow the instructions for your particular species of fish these make a fine pet.


Looking for a companion for life? Some birds can live up to 60 years. They can be communicative and faithful companions for many, many years with proper care. Beware of messes, however. Birds are not domesticated animals, so you will have to clean up their droppings even if they are in a cage.


While some people consider them to be exotic companions, reptiles like snakes and iguanas can be great apartment pets if they match your style. Snakes are surprisingly low-maintenance animals, but they are not for the squeamish. You may have to feed them live mice, which is not for everyone.


Small, cute, and cuddly, hamsters are great pets for small apartments and they allow you to be creative with their environments. You can get any number of pieces of exercise equipment for them from balls that let them roam free to complex tunnels. Just be careful because they bite!


Rabbits make wonderful pets because they are intelligent and enjoy social interaction. They can be difficult to clean up after, however. Some rabbits poop as many as 300 pellets per day. As long as you’re willing to clean up after them they are great pets.

As you can see, just because you can’t have a dog doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet. If you’re willing to adapt and care for a different type of animal you can have a great companion for many years.

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