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Time to Store Outdoor Furniture

With the leaves turning and the weather getting cooler in most of the country that means outdoor time is at a premium. If you have a lot of outdoor furniture you might have a hard time storing all of it. You don’t want to leave it on your deck over the winter, but it does need to go somewhere. That is why many homeowners elect to store their outdoor furniture in a secure self-storage unit. 

It is not as simple as renting a unit and throwing your stuff in one though. There are certain preparatory steps you should take first.

Give Your Cushions a Good Wash

If you put away wet cushions it can lead to mildew. If you give them a good wash it will kill any mold and mildew that is developing. Be sure to also dust and vacuum them before putting them in the washing machine. Many covers are removable and can be washed in a regular washing machine, but if not, you can scrub them by hand. 

Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Several type of outdoor furniture are made of different materials, so it means that you need to clean them properly. Metal and plastic can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Glass furniture needs glass cleaner. Wicker furniture can be tricky, but a water and bleach solution that is rinsed with water does wonders. Just be wary of using pressure washers. Sometimes those can cause more damage than anything. 

Allow Time to Dry

It is critically important to let all furniture dry before storing. If it is put away mold and mildew can grow, ruining the furniture. Also, do not completely drench wood and wicker furniture, as those materials can absorb a lot of water. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Do you have a table that is not sitting right or a chair with a bent leg? Now is the time to make any repairs that are needed. It is also a good time for a fresh coat of paint or stain. This way when you bring it back out in the spring it will look good as new. 

Cover Your Furniture

By stacking your furniture properly you’ll save space and time when it comes to unpack everything. Also, be sure to cover everything with a tarp or blanket so dust and moisture does not affect things. 

These are just a few ways to prepare your winter furniture for storage. Before you know it spring will be here again and it will be time to break everything out. 

Storage unit clean

Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean

Storage units are great for taking care of both clutter and other items you don’t have room for in your home. Unfortunately, once they are in the unit they are just sitting there. The scourge that is dust and dirt takes its toll over time. Dust can ruin items and be a health hazard when said items return to your home. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your items while they are in storage. 

Store Items in Plastic Boxes

Plastic storage is a great way to avoid dust contamination whenever possible. Dust can find its way through cracks in cardboard and if the unit is humid cardboard can fail over time. Plastic bins are a great and cost-effective solution, however. They offer durable protection that resists moisture and keeps dust out. Also, what is easier to clean: dust off of a plastic tub or each individual item inside? Durable plastic tubs can also be stacked on top of each other to conserve space. 

If you have linens or clothing items vacuum sealed bags are a great storage option. They also keep out dust and moisture and they make clothes easier to pack in boxes or plastic bins. They are also easier to stack on shelves, which is another item you should consider having in your unit. 

Keep Cleaning Supplies in Your Unit

Rather than tracking supplies back and forth from home be sure to keep plenty of cleaning supplies in your unit. By doing so you can do a quick cleanup each time you visit and this cuts down on what you have to do when you bring your items home. It also helps keep down the amount of dust and dirt you’re bringing home, too. 

Use Cloth Tarps or Covers

Using a large cloth tarp can keep the dust off of even plastic bins stacked together. A cloth tarp is best because it offers a soft surface that will not scratch your items. They can also be used to cover large items that can’t fit into storage bins. They offer protection when moving items in and out of the unit too. 

Whatever you choose to do in order to protect your items, the important thing to remember is that a little work and preparation in advance can save a lot of time and hassle later. By cleaning your unit regularly and covering items they will be ready to go when you bring them home.